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Sackley's Index

22 - The number of cars I've owned.

2 - The number of Atlantic flashlight fish, Kryptophanaron alfredi, that I've collected by hand.

23 - The number of places I've lived.

155 - The number of Grateful Dead shows I've seen [approximate].

44 - The number of the United States I've visited.

Editor's note: It feels weird to write about myself, so this "About Me" content was written by my wife, Jessica.

Paul Sackley is currently employed at Fidelity Investments, in electronic marketing for Fidelity's institutional lines of business. While his current position requires a challenging overlap of project management and web development skills, with a focus on usability and process efficiency, he came to this place along a non-linear, non-traditional pathway.

Paul is a graduate of Tufts University, with a degree in economics and a minor in Ultimate Frisbee. Putting his passion for Ultimate at the forefront for several years, Paul was involved in this now almost mainstream sport during its formative years and gained invaluable experience working on collaborative teams and acting as a leader and coach with players known for their independence and strong sense of personal responsibility.

During the next phase of his life, Paul went back to school for his Master's degree in Marine Biology. During these years Paul's passion for the natural world, particularly the wet world, grew and flourished. Between SCUBA diving in Boston Harbor, spending hours watching seagull chicks on top of buildings in downtown Boston, and canoeing on Medford's Alewife Brook (and through the tunnel under Route 2!), Paul has always seen the biological world in every day life, an awareness he is currently passing on to his young sons.

Upon leaving the world of academics, Paul took his analytical skills and attention to detail into the emerging field of web development. Largely self-taught, Paul is now a successful web developer with a growing understanding of the financial services industry. In his non-working hours, Paul is still involved with the worlds of sport and science. An avid outdoorsman (albeit at the pace of young children), Paul explores Boston and Eastern Massachusetts by land and by sea, noticing the small details and working to preserve the world around. If the goal of one's life is to continually incorporate every new interest and avocation into an evolving whole, Paul's worlds of computers and biology continue to overlap and meld together.