how i got here

Here are some of the things I've worked on over the years - some at work, some for fun. They are in no particular order. My level of involvement varied from project to project.

I first learned how to make a web site while working at Media@Work, a small start-up started by my friend Craig Homenko. As I recall, the job interview went something like this:

Craig: Come work for me. I can't pay you much, but then again you don't know anything.
Me: Okay, sounds good.

I had just left graduate school and was delivering pizza and playing ultimate frisbee and not much else. This was much more interesting than delivering pizza. It ended up being a great learning experience with a fun, hard-working crew. I left for reasons which are not entirely clear to me any more. I think the root cause was bitterness and self-loathing due to being forced to wear a suit and tie to work.

Eddie Bo, The legendary piano giant of New Orleans, Louisiana USA.Eddie Bo

Eddie Bo was a legendary piano player from New Orleans, LA. He passed away in March of 2009, after a career of over 50 years. His importance and influence would be difficult to overstate. How I came to do his web site is a long story, but I don't think he ever fully grasped the Internet. He once asked me "how did you get all that stuff together way over in Baton Rouge?" [I live in Boston]. He was a very nice and generous man, and full of stories. One of them, about an incident when he hustled some sailors at pool, was in heavy rotation as a bed time story for my kids for several months. His tag line was just right: "The legendary piano giant of New Orleans, Louisiana USA".


Fidelity Investments' institutional websites.Fidelity Investments' institutional web sites

Along with dozens of other people, I've been working on Fidelity's web sites for their institutional lines of business for over fourrteen years now. Over those years I've worked on many aspects of their electronic marketing functions. I've been a front-end developer, managed a web production team, been a project manager representing the business in an Agile development environment, worked with vendors, worked with internal Legal/Risk/Compliance groups to ensure that we're compliant, worked on process re-engineering teams, and so on. Now I've been assigned to be a subject matter expert on video.


Willowstone FarmWillowstone Farm

As seen in Buck's County Country Living magazine. This is an amazing place that belongs to my in-laws. They sometimes let people have weddings there. My wife and I were married there.