Rock 'n' Roll 101: Intro to Dad's Music Collection

Love in Vain, 41 times

Here is one of my all-time favorite things on the internet, ever. Mick taylor was a member of The Rolling Stones from June 1969 through December 1974. During that time, they played a cover of Love in Vain by Robert Johnson on 41 occasions. Some Rolling Stones nut collected them all, then he went through them all and edited out all of Taylor's guitar solos and spliced them together. Genius. 53 minutes of just the good parts. I found it on the dearly departed Sharing the Groove website.

Jazz Fest 2013

In my middle-aged years, my life has settled into a cycle of 3 seasons: Summer [the best], fantasy football season, and the run up to Jazz Fest. Jazz Fest is great in and of itself, obviously, and it's great because in my mind it means winter is finally over and summer is here. I spend most of what I used to think of as "Spring" listening to lots of Louisiana music and getting psyched. I do a little research on bands that are playing that I don't really know, I listen to all my Eddie Bo records, I listen to about 40 hours worth of live Snooks Eaglin. And, I usually put together a CD or two of Louisiana music to bring down with me for the drive from Biloxi or just the drive to the fair grounds and driving around town. Here's the playlist I made for last year [download a zip file of mp3s here].